4096 - Mobile Tile Game

Game Development + Game Design + Graphics + Post-Release Support

4096 is a modest spin-off of the popular 2048 tile game, featuring all-new graphics with a dark aesthetic that is easier on the eyes over longer gameplay sessions, plus a global shared leaderboard and other fun additions. The game incorporates multiple control schemes including touch, mouse and keyboard input which are all available on the free web version – this means 4096 can be played from any device!

  • 4096
  • Tile Game / Casual
  • Web, iOS, Android
  • October 20th, 2018
  • visipop.co/4096
I can't stop playing this game! At first I just wanted to top my own score, but then you dropped the leaderboard on us and now I have to beat everyone.

– Rob B. / Veteran Player

4096 was developed to be a pure gameplay experience, free for all to enjoy without interruption of ads. Without any advertising or promotion, it has seen a surprising amount of activity. In it’s first month, over 1000 new games have been logged.

Additionally, despite a difficult-to-obtain endgame, players have  unlocked the final 4096 tile several times. Future updates are planned with additional tiles and game modes so that the fun may continue!

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