National Tuxedo Rentals

Branding Design  +   Magento Development  +  Systems Integration  +  Marketing

National Tuxedo Rentals is the original online tuxedo rental company. After seeing very modest sales on their website for years, NTR decided to get in touch with Visipop. Since 2014, Visipop has been their sole provider of web and digital services. Under Visipop stewardship, the National Tuxedo Rentals website has achieved first-page rankings for their top keywords, scaled up business to be the leading source of revenue for its parent company, and has facilitated over 70,000 custom tuxedo builds.

  • National Tuxedo Rentals, Inc.
  • eCommerce / Apparel
  • Design, Development, Marketing
  • 2014 - (Ongoing)
For this sort of service to be possible, this project required a fully customized Magento solution in order to facilitate a rental business, where inventory is constantly moving in and out.

– Alfred Cardi / President @ NTR

Launching an online rental service is not easy as there is no off-the-shelf solution to facilitate rentals. A typical online ordering experience ends when the products have shipped – for National Tuxedo Rentals, that’s only the beginning.

Visipop was tasked with building an automated order process that kept track not only of shipments going out to customers, but those same customers return shipments, and the products contained within.

National Tuxedo Rentals remains one of the leading providers of online tuxedo rental services and continues to be a loyal long-standing client of Visipop.