Social Media Ad Pack

One of our top eCommerce clients reached out to have us design a small set of social media posts/ads to promote a few of their properties.


One of the online storefronts that our client was trying to promote was for their newly minted CheapAssTux brand – an online store that sells formalwear at huge discounts from its original retail price.

The only trouble was that facebook doesn’t like their name appearing in the ad content. The best solution to these situations are almost always the most creative solution. Take a look.


Another new property for this client is their storefront for high-end event gowns and dresses.

Their social media presence needed a boost, and we delivered a set of 5 ads that showcases their products as well as a defiant lifestyle attitude to sell their products.

National Tuxedo Rentals

Finally, National Tuxedo Rentals, a brand that Visipop has long worked with, was in need of some groundwork to be laid for their fast approaching prom season.

Our client wanted to get a head start this year with some light promo to build awareness of their services well before they are needed. Here’s what we came up with: