The Shoe Square

Logo Design + Branding + Identity

The Shoe Square is an upcoming online shoe store and Visipop was tasked with defining a brand for the company, which included a new logo design. The Shoe Square will be carrying a wide range of men’s shoes, primarily focusing on men’s dress shoes. For the logo, we decided on something that strongly suggested a mens shoe focus, but affords flexibility by not implying any particular style or taste.

  • eCommerce / Footwear
  • Logo Design, Branding
  • November 10th, 2018
  • In-Progress @ Visipop
I love what Visipop has done with our brand, I cannot wait to see what sort of magic you work with the website!

– Christine Nociti / President @ The Shoe Square

The Shoe Square, happy with Visipop’s work on the brand, has signed us on to do their website. You can expect a beautiful storefront powered by WordPress, WooCommerce, along with some amazing theme and customization work from Visipop.

More Soon from Visipop & The Shoe Square